Gotcha!!! California Climate Change warriors catch themselves!

I have to laugh! We all should. And then we should get ticked off and start a ruckus on social media. If you saw our last video release you know that San Francisco and Oakland, CA are suing #ExxonMobil, #Chevron, #Shell, #ConocoPhillips, and #BP (San Mateo county and New York City have filed suit as well). The cities claim the impacts from manmade #climatechange will be so severe in the coming decades that the big oil companies should pay them tens of billions of dollars in compensation. The lawsuits are cynical, idiotic and beyond outlandish and the lawyers that filed the suits know it. Now comes the FUNNY part.

In the Feb 3-4 edition of the Wall Street Journal, former hedge fund manager #JayNewman shines a bright light on what’s really going on. Newman exposes what the lawyers of these same cities say about climate change when they are looking to borrow money for general obligation bonds.

Oakland’s prospectus says the city cannot predict what effects may occur as a result of climate change and even if such events occur the city doesn’t know whether “they will have a material adverse effect on the business operations or financial condition of the city or the local economy.” That’s weird. In Oakland’s lawsuit against the oil companies the city was quite sure that it will be experiencing a “100 year flood” every week by the end of the century.

Lawyers for the city of San Francisco are guilty of the same contradictory actions. When they want to extort money from oil companies climate change is a certain catastrophe, but when they are attempting to get the lowest possible interest rate for city bonds the potential effects of climate change are an unknowable mystery. This is a big Gotcha moment for the unethical climate change movement that shows the real motive behind the cause—MONEY!

Power On, America!