Not long after the CEA website quietly went live I got a message asking me what false premises we would be challenging on our site/YouTube channel. I guess the person making the query couldn’t be bothered to actually take the time to watch any of our original four videos. In each of them, a false premise was exposed and explained.

In “Lies, Damned Lies & Methane” we deal with the false premise that many so-called “environmental” groups are honestly looking out for the planet. Too many of them are not, and their leaders are not shy about…how should I say this…stretching the truth. Ok, they lie.

To a lot of people, Al Gore is an eco-saint—the indispensible crusader who will not stop talking until climate doom is averted. He will do anything to stop climate change! Except, that is, to stop consuming enormous amounts of energy himself. Gore uses 34 times the national average for electricity use. No one has tried to calculate his consumption of petroleum, which has to be even huger-er. I mean, really big.
Here’s another widely-held assumption. More solar jobs are a good thing. Always and forever. Uh, no, not really. Jobs are a cost of production that gets passed onto you, the ratepayer. Creating 79 solar jobs to generate the same amount of electricity that could be produced by just two natural gas workers doesn’t make any sense. The goal should be to generate low-cost electricity, not high-cost jobs.

Lots of journalists are still on a mission to find some nefarious connection between the U. S. president and Vladimir Putin. Corruption is their premise. However, if they were really interested in corruption they would instead begin looking into real evidence that Putin is systematically undermining confidence in our energy systems by flooding eco-activist groups with loads of cash.

Most Power On videos will be focused on exposing false premises and bad ideas with good data, sound reasoning, logic, and entertainment value. I hope you’ll join us, and pass it on.

Power On, America.