Under Attack

Oil, natural gas, and coal are under attack. Why would people attack the resources that make modern life possible? That’s a good question for a psychotherapist. These days fossil fuels have some good company. Modern industrialization, free-market capitalism, national sovereignty, and even free speech are in the bullseye of virtue signalers and professional activist groups.

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People who work in fossil fuel industries must feel like disrespected punching bags. The criticism against oil, natural gas and coal seems to be never-ending. But what’s also true is that fossil fuels have some pretty good company. Capitalism, Industrialization, National Sovereignty and even Freedom of Speech are all under attack.

What’s going on here? It wasn’t that long ago that all of these things were understood as the resources and ideas that made life a lot better. But in recent years radical groups have succeeded in persuading young people that we should embrace new industries and different ideas. And to a large degree, they are succeeding… because of ignorance.

Every day it seems more politicians and activists are setting new targets for becoming 100 percent renewable. It sounds so positive. Let’s stop burning fossil fuels and utilize so-called CLEAN ENERGY. We can do it, they say, if only we have the will. Except, we can’t. Wind and solar provide less than 3 percent of our energy supply. On the electric grid, they need to be backed up by natural gas and renewables do next to nothing for transportation. These basic facts should be obvious to everyone, but the ignorant talking point of “100 percent renewable” is just too seductive.

Industrialization has also fallen out of favor among the radicals. They don’t like big buildings with machines that make things. It’s an odd position to hold considering that the people being critical of industry also live in homes, drive cars, use phones, eat food and take advantage of everything manufacturing brings to us. Part of the reason they don’t like industry is that making things uses a lot of fossil fuel.  And they hate oil, natural gas, and coal, so industry must be bad, too.

Fossil fuels drive industry, but the idea behind both of them is free market capitalism. Humans have tried every type of governmental and economic system out there — totalitarianism, socialism, communism, monarchies and none of them comes close to capitalism as a force for good. Capitalism has lifted billions of people out of poverty, has been the primary driver for innovation, has doubled human lifespans and has improved our world in countless ways. But by its very nature capitalism creates economic disparities among people and the radicals don’t like that. They favor equality of outcome, not equality of opportunity.

Then there’s the issue of national sovereignty. For a very long time people understood that without borders, nations do not exist. But in the United States and in Europe immigrants flood into our countries illegally.

And finally, there’s the issue of free speech. In America, it’s a guarantee enshrined in our Bill of Rights. But this, too, is under attack. Some people no longer believe in the right to free speech because speaking ideas freely might hurt someone’s feelings. What these people fail to understand is that controlling what people can and cannot say is a cornerstone of all evil, despotic regimes. Ignorance is NOT bliss. It is a necessary part of deception.

People who work to produce oil, natural gas, and coal for the benefit of billions of people that want and need these resources take heart. Yes, you are unfairly attacked. But so are the other important pillars of the free world. And while many people are ignorant or deceived, there are millions of us out here that know what’s good, right, and true… and we’re not backing down.

For the Clear Energy Alliance, I’m Mark Mathis. Power On.

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