Science is Falsifiable

In order to know if a theory could be true, there must be a way to prove it to be false. Unfortunately, many climate change scientists, the media and activists are ignoring this cornerstone of science. In this bizarre new world, all unwelcome climate events are caused by climate change. But as legendary scientific philosopher Karl Popper noted, “A theory that explains everything, explains nothing.” Guest host Marc Morano explains.

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Did you know man-caused climate change is resulting in LESS snowfall…but also MORE snowfall? Or that it leads to drought, EXCEPT when it leads to flooding? Or that it causes MORE hurricanes — or FEWER hurricanes. Or that it causes our days to get longer… but ONLY when it’s not causing them to get shorter? Are you confused? Who wouldn’t be?

This is where the scientific principle that requires theories to be “falsifiable” should come into play. Simply put, there must be a way to prove a theory false in order to know if it could be true. This idea was proposed by Karl Popper in the mid 20th century and it has been a central tenet for all scientific inquiry ever since.

For example, horoscopes are not scientific because there is no way to disprove claims that are broad, vague and contradictory. How could you disprove a horoscope that says, “Now is a good time to be starting something new,” or “The universe is pushing you into a more polarized environment”?

Conversely, Sir Isaac Newton’s theories ARE falsifiable. Because we can test the idea that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, we know that the principle is true.

Now consider some of the claims being made by climate change activists. We’ve been told climate change leads to less snow AND that it leads to more snow. It makes wet places wetter and dry places dryer… EXCEPT when it is making wet places dryer AND dry places wetter. It causes more hurricanes and fewer hurricanes, longer bird migrations and also shorter bird migrations.  Global warming causes more crime, but, get this, reducing crime causes more global warming. And if you disagree with any part of this of scenario…you might just be a “climate denier”— and belong in jail yourself!

And that’s only a small sampling of all the things attributed to climate change… the opposite of which are ALSO attributed to climate change.

Karl Popper would call BS on all of this. If any and all climate conditions are being attributed to climate change, then how can we design any observation or experiment that would make climate change falsifiable? We can’t. If it’s not falsifiable, it’s not science.

Today…A sort of “climate astrology” has taken over. Many climate claims have descended into the realm of the predictions of Nostradamus or the Mayan calendar.  There is no way anyone can falsify the global warming theory now because any weather event that happens “proves” their case.

And if that isn’t confusing enough already, how do we design an experiment to know what changes in the climate are due to human activities or are part of the natural order of things. In other words, is there any experiment or observation that can distinguish what is man-caused climate change and what is simply just… natural climate? There isn’t one today and there may never be one.

If scientists want the public to take the theory of man-caused climate change seriously, they need to become a lot more disciplined. Claiming that human-induced climate change is responsible for just about every typical AND atypical climate event doesn’t pass the sniff test. Essentially, climate activists have announced that many “bad things” will happen because of man-made global warming — and lo and behold, every time something bad happens, they say ‘See we told you so!’ As Karl Popper would say, A theory that explains everything, doesn’t really explain anything.

For the Clear Energy Alliance, I’m Marc Morano. Power On.

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Marc Morano explains things caused by global warming

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