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Where’s that pipeline of jobs, billions of dollars in private investment, and hundreds of millions of dollars in new tax revenue when you need it? Guess what? It’s right in front of us! It’s not in the pipeline. It IS the pipeline! According to a new report by the Consumer Energy Alliance, America could be benefiting from $13.3 billion in new pipeline development, creating 66,000 jobs and raising $280 million in state and local tax revenue. But this strong flow of economic prosperity is being held up by activist litigation and activist judges.

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Our economy has the blues. But what if there was a way to create a flow billions of dollars in private investments? And what if those investments provided tens of thousands of high-paying jobs, sending hundreds of millions of tax dollars flowing into state and local treasuries? Wouldn’t that be great?

Well, guess what? All those economic benefits could already be flowing from, ironically enough, building pipelines that would carry the cash and jobs to America.

Americans desperately need new pipelines to deliver the fuels that we all rely on daily. And there are hundreds of pipeline projects that have passed environmental review and are ready to begin today. What’s the problem, then? Unfortunately, activist litigation and activist judges are blocking the development of projects that would help America get humming again.

According to a report by the Consumer Energy Alliance, activists are blocking key national pipeline projects, jeopardizing more than $13.6 billion dollars in private investment. These pipes would generate 66,000 jobs for heavy equipment operators, laborers, welders, Teamsters, foremen, engineers, safety inspectors, and all kinds of ancillary support jobs.

All the work would deliver more than $280 million to state and local governments. And, as I mentioned, these pipelines have already passed rigorous environmental reviews. But, in spite of all that, activists and activist judges who support the anti-fossil fuel cause say these pipelines may not be safe for people or the environment. The premise of that argument is laughable on its face.

Pipelines are by far the safest, cleanest way to move crude oil, gasoline, diesel, and other fuel products. If these essential products aren’t moved through pipes, they WILL be moved on rail cars and trucks. How does that make you safer? It doesn’t. It makes everything transported by rail more expensive because there isn’t enough room on the tracks for fuels normally moved through pipelines. And it adds more trucks out onto the road – with you!

Of course, the safety argument is just an excuse for people with radical ideas about how you should live to achieve their warped goals. This legal activism bogs down the economy, is a strain on taxpayers, and makes everything in your life more expensive.
But the radicals don’t care about that.

The Consumer Energy Alliance report details the pipeline investments being held up across 14 states from Pennsylvania to Louisiana to Montana. One of the most appalling legal challenges highlighted involves an activist judge who stopped hundreds of projects from moving forward. The federal judge suspended action on a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers water permit needed for a pipeline.

Defying legal precedent, the judge then used his decision to place an injunction on 5,500 projects that used the same permit. The projects weren’t just pipelines. They were telecom, electricity, shipping, and transportation. The decision was later changed to only include pipelines. If you’re surprised by that, don’t be.

All this legal activity is expensive. Very expensive. So, who’s paying the bills? We gave you some insight into that one with our “Caught Green Handed” video.
Billionaire Michael Bloomberg, provides some of the dark money. He launders his cash through a non-profit at NYU. That organization places lawyers committed to the anti-fossil fuel cause directly into state Attorney General offices in several blue states. It’s all highly unethical, and it should be illegal.

There’s so much more, such as a judge trying to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline three years after oil began flowing. A higher court stopped the obstruction, but the case is still being litigated.

To read about the blocked pipelines in your state, check out the report.

America can bounce back. It would happen faster if only we could minimize the legal and judicial activism that’s plaguing our great nation.

For the Clear Energy Alliance, I’m Mark Mathis. Power On.

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