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Michael Moore has released a new documentary acknowledging numerous uncomfortable energy realities. His documentary shows we’ve all been misled on wind, solar, and electric cars significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. A lot of fossil fuels are required to manufacture renewable technologies, and the eco-activist movement is a multibillion-dollar industry pursuing its own financial interests while misleading the public. We could have told him that from the start.

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I never thought I would say this, but I have something in common with Michael Moore. We’ve come to the same conclusions about how wind and solar technologies and electric vehicles aren’t going to be the saviors of the world, not by a long shot. 

Let’s let that sink in. Michael Moore, whose worldview is radically different than mine, is acknowledging many of the energy realities we explore in our videos. Whoa. Am I dreaming? Are you?

Moore has made a new film called “Planet of the Humans”. In making the film, Moore and his producer, Jeff Gibbs, discovered we’ve all been misled on wind, solar, and electric cars significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The reality is it takes a lot of oil, natural gas, and coal to build these things, and they require enormous amounts of mining. Yeah, like up to 800 pounds of copper and one to two tons of rare earth minerals in just one wind turbine.

Moore and Gibbs were probably shocked to find that electric cars are not as green as advertised. The batteries require a lot of rare earth mining and they are hazardous waste when they go kaput. Of course, even electric cars contain a lot of petroleum products. Fossil fuels are used in manufacturing and in the end, all you are doing is moving most of the tailpipe from the car to a power plant.

In Michael Moore’s documentary journey, he discovered that eco-activist groups are profiting off their deceptions. Again… are we dreaming? Moore is beginning to see that the eco-activist movement is itself a multibillion-dollar industry pursuing its own financial interests while misleading the public. I still disagree with Moore and Gibbs on many things, but I was interested to hear their ideas.

Gibbs wants to completely redesign ground transportation around rail travel and busses. But busses and trains are highly inefficient, expensive, and impractical for most people. This idea would require exponentially more mining—something they hate.

Gibbs told one reporter building out a solar, wind, biomass and electric car infrastructure would, “… run us off the cliff faster because it’s an additional round of mining and destruction that does not replace the one thing that’s already destroying the planet!” Gibbs also favors big ships that would replace airplanes, if you can believe that. But transportation produces only 14 percent of global CO2 emissions. That’s a giant amount of money and massive disruption for very little benefit.

Too bad Moore and Gibbs didn’t give me a call before they made their film. I could have saved them a lot of time and money in just one afternoon of watching Clear Energy Alliance videos.

As we have pointed out the false hope of wind, solar, and electric vehicles, we’ve been called ‘deniers’ or ‘shills for Big Oil’. Now that Michael Moore is saying some of the same things we are, is he going to be called a fossil fuel sellout? I don’t think so.

I never thought I would say this, but thanks to a Michael Moore ‘documentary’, maybe we can start having a reality-based discussion about government energy policy. We can hope.

For the Clear Energy Alliance, I’m Mark Mathis. Power On!

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