Inslee’s Climate Bubbles

Have you heard of Democratic Presidential Candidate Jay Inslee’s “Freedom From Fossil Fuels” plan? We don’t mind being the ones to pop Mr. Inslee’s bubble. His ill-conceived plan would not only cripple the American economy and make the nation vulnerable to enemy attack, but it’s also impossible. Inslee has no chance of becoming president, but his extreme policy proposal is having the effect of pulling other Democratic candidates even further toward Climate Crazy.

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Have you heard of Jay Inslee’s “Freedom From Fossil Fuels” plan? No? Oh, you mean you haven’t heard of Jay Inslee… or his farcical plan. That’s a real bubble popper for a man who wants to be president of the United States.

Jay Inslee is the Governor of Washington. He got into the presidential race as a one-issue candidate. Foreign policy, healthcare, education, immigration… these are afterthoughts for Mr. Inslee who sees climate change the thing we should all be focused on.        

I know what you’re thinking, why am I picking on poor Jay Inslee, a nobody candidate who will disappear soon enough. We could instead be exposing Joe Biden’s plan which is oddly similar to the Green New Deal. Or what about Bernie? He’s been on the climate crusade about as long as Al Gore. All the Democrats who want to unseat President Trump are frantically calling for action on climate change. 

We’re highlighting Inslee because his climate positions are as dangerous as they get, and the political reality these days is that most presidential candidates are trying to move farther left on all issues. So, Inslee is pulling the crowd closer to climate crazy. 

Let’s hit Inslee’s points one by one. First, he wants to ban all new oil and gas leasing on public lands and offshore. Hydraulic fracturing, that gets banned, too. Alrighty, then. That would quickly destroy the oil and natural gas industry in the United States, throw our economy into a depression and make us dependent on the Middle East and Russia for our survival. Right out of the gate Inslee has broken the crazy meter.

Second, Inslee wants to choke off the flow of oil and natural gas that remains by rejecting new infrastructure, which means no more oil and natural gas pipelines. New York has been doing that for years, which is why New Yorkers and states to the north pay much higher heating and electricity bills than states to the south. A lack of pipelines has also choked off economic development.

Third, Inslee wants to end fossil fuel subsidies, supposedly worth about $20 billion each year. The goofy Gov. is confusing tax breaks available to all businesses with giveaways. If Inslee wants to eliminate tax breaks for oil and natural gas companies, they will simply pass those additional costs onto all of us.

Of course, in killing the oil and natural gas industry, the federal and state governments would lose the massive income they receive from leasing revenue. And there would be the millions of new unemployed workers who wouldn’t be paying taxes either.

Fourth, our would-be president hits energy producers with new fees for greenhouse gas emissions… basically a carbon tax. This one is especially galling because Washington is one of the most liberal states in the union and therefore the citizens would be some of the most accepting of a carbon tax. Inslee has tried to make that happen… twice… and both times the people in Washington rejected it. The second rejection was in November of 2018 by a 12-point margin. 

There are other bubbles to pop, but let’s hit the big one. The name of Inslee’s wackadoodle plan is Freedom from Fossil Fuels, as if oil, natural gas, and coal are somehow enslaving us. The exact opposite is true. Carbon-based energy freed us from most of the hard labor that plagued humanity and these resources have given us longer, healthier, more productive lives.

Jay Inslee will go away soon enough, but his radical, economy-crushing, national security-destroying ideas are his fellow candidates further in the direction of climate crazy, which could pop all of our bubbles.

For the Clear Energy Alliance, I’m Mark Mathis. Power On.

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