Green New Deal: OMG!

Freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has introduced her proposal for saving the world from catastrophic man-caused climate change called the Green New Deal. Even attempting to implement this beast of a proposal would be incredibly disruptive and unimaginably expensive—not to mention impossible. This video is the first in a six-part series. CEA President Mark Mathis begins breaking down everything wrong with the Green New Deal.

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So, you’ve heard of this thing called the Green New Deal. The chief proponent is freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Cortez introduced this beast of a proposal as her solution to solve the existential problem of climate change. There weren’t really any details in the plan, just some grandiose ideas. But AOC and a growing number of high-level politicians tell us survival of earth itself hangs in the balance. Therefore, big, bold moves must be made…

It’s going to be incredibly disruptive, they tell us, and expensive, but big problems demand even bigger actions. That’s what we’re being told. But how certain are we that humanity is indeed facing an existential threat? Or that the many goals identified in GND are even achievable? And equally important, what will we sacrifice pursuing this challenge? 

These are critically important questions to ask before signing on to such an ambitious plan that would fundamentally change just about everything. But, unfortunately, many politicians, journalists, and activists have already endorsed the Green New Deal, even though no plan of action even exists. That… is a frightening proposition.

So, we at the Clear Energy Alliance have produced a series of videos that analyze the Green New Deal from the stated problem to the proposed solutions. We will examine the premise of catastrophic man-caused climate change. We’ll question if America dramatically reducing fossil fuel use would be helpful. We’ll explain the technical challenges of GND’s energy priorities. We’ll focus on GND’s costs and the impact on jobs and the national economy. And we’ll wind it all up by looking what GND would mean for America’s military and national defense.

If you have seen other Clear Energy Alliance videos you can imagine we are quite skeptical of just about everything in the Green New Deal. But our skepticism is based on fundamental principles of physics, economics, politics and human nature.

Our great concern is that there appears to be a shockingly large number of people who are willing to spend much of America’s labor and accumulated wealth on an effort to possibly slow a potential catastrophe based on a category of science that’s in its infancy. They are willing to assume this unprecedented risk and even sacrifice our form of government with a plan that at this point is only a slogan. It doesn’t even have the most basic of blueprints. 

Call us crazy, but we think that’s crazy.

For the Clear Energy Alliance, I’m Mark Mathis. Power On.

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