Green New Deal: Money & Jobs

The Green New Deal is going to be incomprehensibly expensive, but Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and company say that doesn’t matter because the stakes are so high. Well, you know you’re in trouble when U.S. politicians openly admit that your money is not an issue of concern. The Green New Deal would be massively detrimental to the U.S. economy and American jobs.

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The only thing truly honest about the Green New Deal is the admission by its proponents that it’s going to be extremely expensive and disruptive, more expensive and disruptive than anything else we’ve ever done. But they say that doesn’t matter because the stakes are so high. It’s the only way they can justify countless trillions in spending.

It should make us all nervous when politicians openly admit, money, your money, is not an issue of concern. When has that ever been true?

Running a nation means making choices between priorities. U.S. politicians have done a terrible job at this primary task. The nation is already about 22 Trillion dollars in debt, but that’s only what we admit to officially. When you count unfunded liabilities such as social security, Medicaid, Medicare, and underfunded public pensions that number may be more than $200 trillion!

Dealing with this economic time bomb is going to involve a combination of significantly scaling back entitlements and social programs while probably also raising taxes. Rapidly throwing tens of trillions of dollars on top of that debt load is a recipe for collapsing the U.S. and world economies.

But the proponents of GND say we can do it because their plan will create millions of jobs for people making wind turbines, solar panels and everything else we’ll need to completely transform how we power our world. Many of these people will also apparently be employed by companies upgrading every single building in the country to be more energy efficient. 

Put aside that dubious assertion, which is a consistent requirement of GND, and consider all the millions of high-paying jobs that this fantasy would destroy. According to the Department of Energy, 1.1 million people work in oil, natural gas, and coal production. Another 2.3 million in transmission, distribution and storage, 2.4 million in cars and motor parts and about 180,000 work in petrochemicals. It’s pure fantasy that these roughly six million people working highly technical jobs will somehow transition to making wind turbines, solar panels and high-speed trains that somehow make air travel unnecessary.

The skill sets for these fantasy jobs don’t transfer, nor does the interest level of people working in fossil fuel industries. And, of course, there are millions of jobs in companies that provide products and services to these core, resource industries.

But in addition to destroying jobs in oil, natural gas, and coal GND would wreak havoc in America’s critically important manufacturing sector.

Prior to the Shale Revolution, America was hemorrhaging manufacturing jobs that were moving overseas where labor and energy costs were cheaper. But with low-cost natural gas, those jobs began coming back, slowly. Then President Trump threw the whole thing into overdrive when he passed tax cuts and repealed unnecessarily burdensome regulations adopted during the Obama administration. Suddenly manufacturing jobs surged by nearly 400 thousand in only 21 months. Those jobs and millions of others are especially dependent upon low-cost natural gas.

As we’ve examined the collection of ideas duct-taped together in this Green New Deal it’s hard to believe anyone is taking this thing seriously. I mean… seriously.

For the Clear Energy Alliance, I’m Mark Mathis. Power On.

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