Climate Hysteria

The UK Guardian Newspaper has decided that you’re not sufficiently alarmed about climate doom. Climate change is no longer the term of choice with the Guardian and other news outlets. Get ready to hear the newly invented terms, “climate emergency,” “climate crisis,” “climate breakdown,” and “global heating”. By the way, when did it become the job of a news organization to hype public concern over an issue instead of just reporting the facts?

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Hysteria over climate change predictions has just hit a new high. The self-appointed protectors of humanity at the UK Guardian newspaper have decided you’re not sufficiently alarmed about climate doom. Therefore, the editor is instructing reporters to turn up the heat by re-defining terms to make them even more extreme. Does that make you feel uneasy? It should.

This is what all big propaganda campaigners do. They change the language to create urgency for the cause and to intimidate those who are not going along with the program.

The editor of the Guardian has advised her staff that they should avoid using the term climate change and instead refer to it as a “climate emergency,” “climate crisis,” or “climate breakdown”. And remember global warming… the term they used before they invented climate change? Well, that’s not going to work either. Now reporters are being pressured to call it “global heating.”

And… of course… calling someone a climate skeptic is verboten. Reporters should say “climate science denier,” or just “climate denier.” You know, so they can throw in a transparent reference to Holocaust Deniers.

The editor of the Guardian claims the newspaper needs to be “scientifically precise” and “rooted in facts” when reporting on the issue. Really? By hyping extreme climate predictions being made by a subset of scientists whose climate models have greatly exaggerated the threat to date?

And by the way, these scientists are focused on the still poorly-understood dynamics of the most complicated thing known to man. Most of them know very little about physics, energy production, economics, land management, or geopolitics.

And one last thing, when did it become the job of a news organization to hype public concern over an issue instead of just reporting the facts? Not speculation. Not hype. Not maybe, sorta, could be. Just what we actually know.

Let’s face it. True journalism is on its death bed, beware the propagandists, and hold onto your wallets, because that’s what it’s really all about.

For the Clear Energy Alliance. I’m Mark Mathis. Power On.

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