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Elite green signalers beware! The mainstream press has suddenly decided it’s no longer going to overlook your climate change hypocrisy. Many celebrities and politicians recently flew in their private jets to Italy and relaxed on yachts at Google Camp while talking about climate change. This isn’t new behavior for global warming virtue signalers, but this time the media called them all out.

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Elite green signalers beware! The mainstream press has suddenly decided it’s no longer going to overlook your climate change hypocrisy. That’s right, Katy Perry. You can kiss a girl and like it, no problem. But if you lecture the rest of us about carbon dioxide emissions while on a yacht at a bogus climate conference, you are going to get hit in the kisser with a charge of hypocrisy.

I have to admit, this is a fun turn of events. It all happened when Katy Perry, her fiancé Orlando Bloom, and a bunch of other celebrities and politicians attended Google Camp. Makes sense, right? Celebrities known for their big brains are going to solve climate change.

Google Camp was a three-day, $20 million event held at a resort off the Sicilian coast. Katy and Orlando were joined by Leonardo DiCaprio, Bradley Cooper, and scores of other notable celebs. Prince Harry is reported to have given an impassioned speech while wearing no shoes. Apparently, walking barefoot conveys commitment to the cause.

But then there was a plot twist. Journalists and eco-activists started slamming the celebrities who had burned massive amounts of CO2-producing fuel to get there. 

Irish journalist Eleanore Hutch fumed, “We’re all lugging around KeepCups and recycling properly while these entitled fools are taking 114 private jets to a ‘CLIMATE CHANGE’ conference?”

World Bank Group estimates that each one of those jets produced more carbon dioxide than the average family generates in nearly six months. The many luxury yachts parked at the resort typically burn about 300 gallons of diesel per hour.

The weird thing is that this kind of extravagant working vacation isn’t anything new. The International Panel on Climate Change does it regularly.

In 2015 the United Nations Climate Change Conference that created the Paris Climate Accord produced around 300,000 tons of CO2 emissions. That’s the equivalent of burning 300 million pounds of coal, according to the EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalences Calculator. COP 24, a subsequent UN climate summit in Poland, emitted an estimated 55,000 tons of CO2, or more than the yearly average of 8,200 American homes. These U.N. Climate conferences are costing an estimated $150 million each year.

Yes, I know some of the people going to these conferences purchased carbon offsets to make up for their travel. Fair enough. These credits typically go toward building more wind turbines and solar panels or to plant trees. 

But, I thought the goal was to reduce emissions, not just offset them. If they want to actually lower their emissions why not have a giant video conference that requires no private jets or yachts and still make donations for carbon offset credits? You would think that the world’s largest tech company could pull this off. But… luxury resorts off the Italian coast are just so much more fun. 

Up until now, the mainstream press and eco-activist groups have ignored bogus celebrity green signaling. But, perhaps no more. Why the sudden change? Your theory is as good as ours. We just think this could be an important shift. If the people who are supposedly the most concerned about climate change must now actually live as if they are, this issue is going to get a lot more interesting. 

By the way, Katy… Love you on American Idol.

For the Clear Energy Alliance, I’m Mark Mathis. Power On.

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