China, Universities & Climate Change

Who loves climate hysteria? China does! And so do American universities. Why, you ask? Because China is pumping billions of dollars into America’s elite academic institutions. A sizable portion of that cash goes to “research” into the “climate crisis” narrative. China gets stronger as the presumed climate crisis encourages western nations to voluntarily make their energy infrastructure weaker. Along the way, universities are sent loads of cash tied to the Communist Chinese government. Aren’t you a little suspicious of CCP motives? Are universities?

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Is China undermining America’s economic and national security by funneling billions of dollars into elite Universities such as Harvard, Yale, and Cornell? The U.S. Department of Education has discovered disturbing evidence that it’s almost certainly happening. And what about all the hysteria concerning catastrophic man-caused climate change? Is China using its money to encourage universities to stoke climate fears?

I know, I know…You can’t say these things without some people getting so mad their hair catches fire. But how about we examine this possibility with less emotion and more logic.

Don’t people, companies, and nations take advantage of every opportunity they can to advance their own interests? And hasn’t China proven itself to be extremely aggressive in this regard?

Let’s look at the money. The Department of Education recently began enforcing a law that had been ignored for decades. The law requires universities to disclose foreign contributions that exceed $250,000 dollars. Investigators discovered that ten universities including Harvard, Yale, and Georgetown, have accepted loads of cash without disclosing the funding to the feds. And when the Education Department told universities they had better come clean, disclosures of a whopping $6.5 billion came flooding in.

This comes on the heels of the chairman of Harvard’s Chemistry and Chemical Biology Department being indicted for lying to the Defense Department about his involvement with the Chinese government.

A lot of the $6.5 billion in undeclared university funding came from China, but also from Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and other nations that the Department says are… “seeking to project ‘soft power,’ steal sensitive and proprietary research and development data and other intellectual property, and spread propaganda benefitting foreign governments.”

So now let’s apply a little logic to what’s happening with climate change. Most of the research which suggests the bulk of climate change is man-caused and that the consequences will be catastrophic is coming out of universities. The more dire the threat, the more attention and funding researchers receive. China, and other non-free nations love the hype.

Western nations are spending hundreds of billions of dollars to lower their CO2 emissions. Meanwhile, China slyly nods in agreement but keeps building cheap coal-fired power plants that dramatically increase emissions.

Here’s just one example of how China uses universities to promote climate alarmism. In 2018, academic researchers claimed climate change was going to increase the cost of beer. Higher priced beer is something people would definitely be concerned about. Turns out, the study was funded largely by eight Chinese organizations and was conducted mostly by Chinese researchers. If you consider climate change in this harsh light, it makes perfect sense that China is manipulating fears of a climate catastrophe to its advantage.

The Chinese want the U.S. and other nations to pass laws making energy and manufacturing more expensive while they expand their economy, take our jobs and do so with little regard for the environment. No one should be surprised by this.

Regardless of what you think about the issue of climate change, you would be naïve to believe it’s not being used as a strategic geo-political tool by China and other nations that want to weaken America, and the freedoms we enjoy.

For the Clear Energy Alliance, I’m Mark Mathis. Power On.

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