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China is going to be CO2 neutral in just 40 years! Hooray! …Right? No, not really. Communist China’s pledge to be CO2 neutral by 2060 is as phony as its claim of not stealing countless billions of dollars of US intellectual property every year. How do we know this? It’s as obvious as all the coal-fired power plants China is building at home and around the world.  Not that any of our mainstream “news” outlets have bothered to look.

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Have you heard the good news? Communist China is going to be “carbon neutral” by 2060. Well… at least that’s the claim of President Xi Jinping. His unexpected proclamation created quite a stir among the media and activist groups. Xi Jinping’s promise was called a “significant step forward” and “a very positive signal.” But… is it really?

To believe that China is going to be carbon neutral in just 40 years requires a lot of wishful thinking. And… let’s be real here. Anyone who believes grand proclamations from Chinese leaders is either uninformed or willfully blind.

Since 2011 China has consumed more coal than the rest of the world combined. And it’s not stopping there. China has 200 gigawatts of new coal-fired power plants in development. 200 gigawatts. That’s almost as large as all US coal power currently in use.

China is burning so much coal because it’s expanding the nation’s industrial base. Cheap coal and cheap labor allow China to undercut prices of other manufacturers, which enables it to take jobs from the US and other nations. Because China’s coal plants aren’t as clean… overall emissions increase.

China is the biggest emitter of CO2 emissions… by far… and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. The scale of China’s emissions is so large, even if all industrialized nations significantly reduce their emissions, these reductions will be swamped by the increase from China, not to mention other developing nations.

Here’s something not too many people know about China. It’s not just building coal-fired power plants at home. In accordance with its “Belt & Road Initiative” China is slated to build more than 300 coal plants across several continents. More than one-quarter of all coal plant development outside of China is being financed… by China. The Communist government is establishing strong ties with other nations that will be loyal to them, and unfriendly to the U.S.

But, wait a minute, Mark. Isn’t it true China is the world-leader in building wind turbines, solar panels, and electric cars and buses? Why… yes, it is. And this, too, is part of China’s grand plan to become the world’s most dominant power.

As we showed you in our 2-part series on the rare earth emergency, China has a near monopoly on most of the vital minerals and critical metals that are necessary for every new technology in existence—phones, computers, fighter jets, and wind turbines and solar panels.

Consider this triple-whammy advantage:
1. China dupes western nations into increasing the use of wind and solar technologies that China manufactures.
2. Renewables drive up the cost of energy for the sucker nations making them less competitive.
3. China then uses cheap labor and cheap energy to take manufacturing jobs from all those countries buying China-made wind turbines and solar panels. Emissions are not even a consideration.

You have to admit, Communist Chinese leaders are pretty sharp. Except, unleashing COVID-19 on the world has damaged the nation’s standing. So, it’s not surprising that China would try to win back some good will by announcing a completely bogus goal of carbon neutrality… 40 years from now. Laughably, Xi Jinping does this even as China builds new coal plants at home and around the world that have a lifespan of… 60 years.

China’s motivations are crystal clear. The real question is why more politicians, activist groups, and mainstream media outlets are so blind to the obvious while uncritically accepting China’s Communist Party propaganda.

For the Clear Energy Alliance, I’m Mark Mathis.

Power On.

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