CA Cities File Lawsuits Against Oil COs

City leaders in San Francisco & Oakland LOVE for you to visit and drop your tourist dollars. But, they HATE the fuel that gets you there and are suing some oil companies for creating the NUISANCE of your visit (as well as the nuisance of everyone who lives there). Wrap your brain around that one!

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Have you ever wondered how much the global warming crusade has to do with the health of the planet and how much is actually about power, control, and money? If you stay alert, you’ll see the money grab is a big part of the issue.

One of the worst examples I’ve seen lately is a lawsuit filed by the cities of San Francisco and Oakland California.

Attorneys for these cities are suing Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Exxon Mobil, BP, and Shell. The San Francisco suit claims the oil companies “knowingly and recklessly created an ongoing public nuisance that is causing harm now and in the future risks catastrophic harm to human life and property.” Wow.

Let’s set aside the theory of catastrophic, man-caused global warming. Instead, let’s just consider the bay area’s unique relationship to petroleum.

While all American cities are built and maintained with oil, there are few places in the world more dependent on petroleum than San Francisco and Oakland. In fact, a big part of what makes this area so special is specifically due to oil-driven human engineering.

For starters, the San Francisco Peninsula is serviced by two spectacular bridges.
More than a quarter million cars and trucks cross the Bay Bridge every day and well over one hundred thousand traverse the Golden Gate.

The region’s five bridges carry about six hundred twenty five thousand vehicles every day.

People who live in this part of California use an enormous amount of gasoline and diesel for the privilege. Do they think using these bridges to go to work, shop, visit family, or to just enjoy the beautiful city is a nuisance?

A big piece of San Francisco’s economy is tourism. People from all over the country and the world fly there using gigantic amounts of jet fuel. Many of them go to iconic Fisherman’s Warf. The nearby cruise ship terminal services about eighty ships that transport three hundred thousand passengers a year.

The port of San Francisco itself was built on an engineered seawall and reclaimed land. The nearby financial district was also built with mud dredged out of the bay. Just think about the mammoth volume of oil that was used to create the most important, manmade, part of San Francisco.

Not many tourists go to Oakland, but a huge volume of products from all over the world flow in and out of northern California through the Port of Oakland, which is the fifth largest port in the nation. All of those products are moved through containers, loaded onto trains or trucks and taken to stores. This is the fuel-consuming industry we take for granted. It’s not something any rational person would call a nuisance.

There is, however, a BIG nuisance going on here, but it’s not how hard-working men and women used petroleum to create and sustain one of the most amazingly beautiful regions of America. The city lawyers from San Francisco and Oakland are clearly using global warming as a pretext to extort money from oil companies. It’s a nuisance lawsuit and hopefully the courts will treat it as such.

Power on, America.

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  • San Francisco traffic ranked as 4th worst in the world. Bay area residents apparently love to drive, but somehow hate the fuel that enables all that driving. Hmmm
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