Blowin’ In The Wind (Parody)

Did you see Budweiser’s Super Bowl ad? Anheuser-Busch would like us to believe that industrial wind power is the solution to all our energy needs. Uh-huh. We made our own version of Budweiser’s ad, only ours blows in a different direction.

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Hey, did you see Budweiser’s Super Bowl ad with the cute dog set to Bob Dylan’s Blowing in the Wind? It was pretty cool, except for the end. That’s where Anheuser-Busch tells us that industrial wind power is the solution to all our energy needs. Come on Budweiser, just stick to making beer.

So, after watching that commercial, we were inspired to make our own video tribute to Blowing in the Wind, only our video is a lot more accurate.

How many subsidies must government cram down

Before you call it a scam?

How many blades must bald eagles nail

Before they leave our land?

How many times must the virtue signals fly

Before fossil fuels are banned?

The costs, my friend, are blowin’ in the wind,

The costs are thumpin’ in the wind.

For the Clear Energy Alliance, I’m not Mark Mathis, but power on anyways.

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