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Who hasn’t heard of Bill Nye the Science Guy?  You know, that dude in a lab coat who really seems to know his sciency stuff, right? Well, it turns out Bill Nye isn’t really much of a scientist. He’s more of a wind-up doll who just spouts talking points from the climate alarmist playbook.

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Who hasn’t heard of Bill Nye the Science Guy, you know, that dude in a lab coat who really seems to know his sciency stuff, right? Well, it turns out Bill Nye is really more of a wind-up doll who just spouts talking points. Sorry. I know a lot of you younger folks grew up watching him on TV so you still see him as an authority figure, but he’s an entertainer, not a scientist.

Bill spends a lot of time these days working as a spokesperson for the climate change hysteria industry. His schtick is to talk real fast while throwing a lot of charts and graphs at you. Bill knows all, so you don’t need to do any thinking. Just take his word for it.

There’s no need to dissect all the dumb, debatable and thoroughly debunked stuff Bill has said on the issue of climate change. A lot of people have already done that already. What I want to point out is the stuff that the supposed science guy hopes you never notice and the questions he doesn’t want asked.

Bill is fond of saying “Climate change is real,” which is sorta like saying, “The sky is blue.” Nobody is claiming there aren’t natural climate cycles. Nobody. So why does Bill say this? He says it because he wants to label skeptics of catastrophic human-caused climate change as “deniers”, thereby discrediting them. It’s a linguistic trick portraying people as saying something they are not, and Bill should be ashamed of himself for doing it.

The people Bill calls “deniers” aren’t denying anything. Many of these skeptics believe human activities are having some impact on the earth’s climate system, but it’s not nearly so clear-cut as Bill and his army of alarmists suggest. Our climate is the most complex system known to man and there are still a lot of big factors we are just now beginning to understand. The skeptics are simply saying that the alarmists are making claims that they cannot possibly know to be true scientifically.

One of Bill’s favorite talking points is that most of the last 15 years have been the hottest on record. What he doesn’t tell you is that the record we’ve actually measured with instruments only extends back to the mid-1800s and we know that data was tampered with. Nobody in the field of geology disputes the fact that the earth was significantly warmer in the past eras than it is today. So, Nyes claiming “hottest on record” is yet another linguistic trick.

Let’s say you buy the scientific certainty that Bill is selling on climate change. What then? You never hear the science guy in a bowtie talk about the fact that the largest growth of CO2 emissions from burning fossil fuels is coming from the developing world. China, India, Indonesia, and so many other poor countries are just now having their industrial revolutions. How does Bill suggest we stop nations from using abundant and affordable fossil fuels so they can live like we do?

Bill claims wind and solar power can replace fossil fuels. He’s been a loud proponent of something called “The Solutions Project,” but this 100 percent renewable fantasy has been soundly discredited because of implausible assumptions, modeling errors and bad analysis. And of course, the costs of even trying to make our society 100 percent renewable will be astronomically high. 

Bill Nye isn’t a scientist or even a big thinker. He’s simply a spokesman spouting talking points given to him by people who are trying to brainwash you into how to think about energy. The common goal is money and power over how you live. Don’t take my word for it. And definitely don’t take the word of Bill Nye the “Talking Point Guy.” Do a little investigating yourself, armed with data, logic, reason, and skepticism. You know, the kind of stuff real science guys do.

For the Clear Energy Alliance, I’m Mark Mathis, Power On.

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