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97 Percent of scientists believe in catastrophic human caused climate change? Of course not! But far too many believe this ridiculous statement that defies basic logic and observation. (Can you think of any highly-political issue where you could get even 65% agreement?) The 97% Myth has succeeded in fooling many people because the phony number is repeated over and over again by those who have a financial and/or ideological stake in the outcome. By the way, what any scientist “believes’ doesn’t matter anyway. Science is what happens during rigorous and repeated experimentation.

**Regrettably, a graphic error appears on this video from 1:31 to 1:42. The percentage of climate studies that explicitly claim most of the recent warming is manmade was listed as “.03%” when it should have been “.3%”. The narration says “less than one-percent”, which is accurate. While the graphic is incorrect, the point being made is still completely valid. The “97%” mantra is a wildly inaccurate myth being cynically used to scare an unwary public.

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97% of scientists believe the earth’s recent warming is mostly manmade? Really? Have you ever wondered where that statistic came from? Or whether it’s actually true? Or what it actually means? If so, today’s your lucky day. We’ve got some answers for you.

The short answers are… It came from a completely discredited survey. It’s not even remotely true. And it’s impossible to say what 97 percent actually means because it is interpreted in many different ways.

The “97% of scientists” claim can be traced back to a survey by John Cook and associates.
Cook’s team examined a large sample of scientific literature over 21 years. The survey assumed that humans are “very likely causing a majority of climate change.” If a surveyed paper said we cause some warming, Cook counted it as saying we caused most warming. But only a third of the papers even said that much.

For example, one study made headlines because it claimed that beer prices could double due to climate change. Cook’s study would put that one in the “consensus” pile even though the researchers did not attempt to prove or disprove human impact, but just assumed it to be true.

The Cook survey has been widely debunked. When skeptics checked the actual data, they discovered that fewer than 1% of the papers explicitly stated that recent warming is mostly manmade. The “consensus” is not 97%. It’s less than 1%.

So why does the 97% myth live on? Because the “climate crisis” narrative is big business.
It serves the interests of politicians, the mainstream media, academic researchers, big business, governments, and groups that don’t like capitalism. Because it serves the interests of so many groups, the bogus statistic is repeated over and over.

The 97% myth fits what psychologists call “the illusory truth effect”. The constant repetition causes people to believe a lie. It also allows people to turn off their brains and not question the scientific premise. The goal of the 97% propaganda is to get people to skip ahead to the supposed solutions they are being sold, and not question the science. The special interests capitalizing on the so-called “climate crisis” want it that way.

The truth is that most that scientists haven’t a clue about climate change because they don’t study it. Many don’t realize there is no way to separate natural climate cycles from manmade influences such as the burning of fossil fuels. Consequently, there is no way to measure the human impact. Climatologists must use incomplete and unreliable data sets as they make climate model predictions. This modeling doesn’t actually qualify as science as defined by the scientific method.

Please don’t misunderstand. The Clear Energy Alliance is not saying that humans aren’t having some impact on the climate. We could be. But if we are having an impact, the question is how much? And the honest answer is, we just don’t know. Let’s remember, even when there is a real consensus, that’s not science.
Science demands actual measurements and experiments that can be replicated over and over again. So, ask yourself, why don’t the climate activists begin answering legitimate scientific questions instead of always playing the bogus “consensus” card? Perhaps it’s because … they can’t.

For the Clear Energy Alliance, I’m Mark Mathis. Power On!

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