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“60 Minutes” used to be known for hard-hitting journalism. But when it comes to climate change alarmism, the news magazine show becomes a promoter of the cause. On March 3, 2019 Steve Kroft lobbed softball after softball to his interviewees without even bothering to interview a knowledgeable non-alarmist. What would Andy Rooney think?

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“60 Minutes” used to be known for hard-hitting journalism, but when climate change alarmism is the subject… it’s just a game of slow-pitch softball.

The news magazine show hit a new low on March 3rd, 2019 with its report on the lawsuit, Juliana vs. the United States. The lawsuit alleges the U.S. government has known for a half-century that burning fossil fuels causes climate change and the government failed to stop the catastrophe that is already happening. The 21 children bringing the suit are demanding the U.S. stop using fossil fuels by 2050.

Of course, the evidence that fossil fuels are setting us up for a calamity is much more hype than fact and even if fossil fuels are a problem, eliminating them—which isn’t even possible—wouldn’t achieve a thing.

The uncritical Steve Kroft served up softball questions that everyone being interviewed knocked out of the park. If only a curious journalist had been present, maybe some challenging questions could have been asked, or… here’s a crazy thought… how about interviewing an expert who is knowledgeable and skeptical of the wildly inaccurate claims being made?

The 60 Minutes piece was full of bogus assertions and unchallenged assumptions.

The number of extreme days of heat in the U.S. has been steady for a century. Droughts and floods in the U.S. have not increased and strong to severe tornadoes have been on the decline since the 1950s. There is no long-term increase in hurricanes. Wildfires have not worsened and in fact, are much less of a problem than they once were. The estimate for human-caused sea level rise is one-third of an inch per decade.

Steve Kroft did not perform his job as an objective journalist. He acted as an enabler.

There was so much wrong with this absurd report and the Juliana vs. the United States lawsuit we’ll be giving it more attention in a future video. 

For the Clear Energy Alliance. I’m Mark Mathis. Power On.   

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