Carbon Tax Economists Profoundly Ignorant and/or Cynical

Sometimes smart people can be astonishingly ignorant, or just being self-serving and political. A bipartisan group of Nobel Prize-winning economists, former Federal Reserve chairs and top economic advisers to recent presidents has endorsed a carbon tax. Their reasons...

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Big City Climate Lawsuits Put Taxpaying Citizens At Risk

Perhaps initially, mayors of some of the nation’s most liberal cities thought they’d struck oil with lawsuits blaming all global warming on a handful of energy companies and claiming billions for future damages. But now, these unfounded cases are getting tossed out of...

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Arnold Stars As Crazed Climate Cop

In Arnold Schwarzenegger’s next role he is a take-no-prisoners crusader out to bring down the world’s top oil companies for first-degree murder! The clock is ticking—but not for a doomed planet, rather for a career in irreversible decline. As sad as the above story...

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Is Computer Modeling Real Science?

Countless millions of people are concerned about an impending climate crisis. Every day people Google terms such as “causes of global warming,” “climate change solutions,” “climate crisis” and “why do people deny climate change.” Many of the people who are...

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Climate Change Gotcha!

Gotcha!!! California Climate Change warriors catch themselves! I have to laugh! We all should. And then we should get ticked off and start a ruckus on social media. If you saw our last video release...

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Flawed Fracking Research Retracted… Belatedly

What’s a team of researchers to do once they figure out their “alarming findings” aren’t so accurate? At the University of Maryland, you sit on it—for three months! In the spring of 2017 a group of researchers released a paper that claimed there was a massive amount...

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Rockin’ Robin… Tweet, Tweet

A new study just came out that says noise from oil and natural gas operations is possibly stunting the growth of young birds while giving these chickadees post traumatic stress disorder. Seriously. I’m not kidding. Little birdies may be suffering from PTSD. Remember a...

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Absurdity Without Limits

Once upon a time politicians used to fear saying preposterously stupid and outrageous things. When they did, their careers ended—quickly. Well, those good ole days are gone, folks. Today it’s anything goes, and the more outrageous the better. The latest offense to...

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First, The Premise, Then The Argument

Not long after the CEA website quietly went live I got a message asking me what false premises we would be challenging on our site/YouTube channel. I guess the person making the query couldn’t be bothered to actually take the time to watch any of our original four...

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